diane_king3Diane King B.A. Honours Creative Practice / Fine Art.
Diane studied at Manchester School of Art. Her career as a Professional Artist has developed over the last ten years around a career in Education and Children’s services.Her highly prized work is currently featured in National and International exhibitions.She works across variety of mediums threading her experiences of places as far apart as Africa , Scotland and Iceland where the atmosphere and light is so very different.

Diane’s work continues to be inspired by the the physical and emotional impact that being in the landscape has on her senses, sometimes described as “breath in the landscape.” Her focus is to create the atmosphere of each place. She enjoys building many layers of paint over time echoing the way landscapes have developed,also exploring the layering process of texturing with found elements . Her work often walking a tightrope between representational and abstract or expressive painting.She is interested in conveying a sense of movement and time reflecting her journeys and supporting lasting impressions and responses. Her research and travels are illuminated by a deep connection to her ancestors and sense of family.

Diane is member of the Professional Artists team of the Society of All Artists (S.A.A). Her work has featured in the publications Paint and Artists and Illustrators and often features on the Painters on line link.

She enjoys the privilege of offering tuition and workshops to other artists.She runs a painting school on the beautiful Greek island of Skiathos also tutoring painting holidays in many countries including Tuscany and the French Alps. She has completed commissioned work from the world famous cruise company P&O and offers lectures during the cruises.