“Fringe” activity from the Chorlton Community Arts Festival, “Creating Sparks”.

Creativity, innovation and ingenuity are defining characteristics of all of us…

Paul the Arison gallery owner invited Diane to work with him to support a first in Chorlton.

I have spent a life time remembering what it was to paint as a child

A real “Fringe” activity taking place during the Chorlton Arts festival week. The day was so well received by all involved it will now become an annual event!

The decision not to direct the medium to be used or the theme: allowed the children and young people the freedom to express their ideas with no boundaries.

Paintings, sculptures using sweets, grass, plasticine, aycrlics pencil, and wood…..rolled in to the gallery before the closing date !!!

All involved gave of their time and enthusiasm free including thanks to Conrads Art shop Chorlton for supplying such lovely prizes.


Diane looking through the hundreds of wonderful entries... P1030044
  • Paul Arison galley owner
  • Looking at the work with the children
  • Diane hands out the awards to the children
  • Happy faces outside the Arison gallery - no one went home without a certificate!