Habotia Silk Scarfs

Whitby North Yorks
Caledonia Lichen
Skiathos Sea and Sand

Each silk scarf is a unique piece of art as original as your fingerprint.

There will never be another exactly the same. Created with care for you to treasure and wear with love. The inspiration for each scarf an original water colour painting by the artist and designer Diane King. Every scarf with a different story to tell….

  • Whitby North Yorks – Watching the fishing boats returning to the quay side with their catch was the inspiration for this piece
  • Caledonia Lichen – These beautiful lichen are still very rare and found in the highlands of Scotland
  • Skiathos Sea and Sand – Inspired by the special light quality found on the Greek island of Skiathos
  • Delphiniums – Tall and delicate Delphiniums standing proud against the moss on the garden wall inspired me to capture their vibrant colour and delicate shapes
  • Spring Crocus and Snowdrops – Walking in my local park I came across this colourful and joyous carpet of spring flowers

All scarfs are entirely original not one more will be like it and can be displayed as beautiful wall hangings

The Royal Exchange theatre in Manchester are showcasing the scarfs in their autumn “colour” exhibition. You can also commission the scarfs from my paintings – prices range from £150 to £200